At Mosu, we care about the environment. We endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint without compromising on our guest experience.

As a sustainable salon, we collectively contribute to our community, we have carefully selected our waste management company to ensure that no waste ends up in landfill and collect hair from the salon floor to re-purpose into environmental initiatives such as oil spill clean up projects.

We’re a member of the Green Salon Collective, Founded by environmental experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners, Green Salon Collective is the original authority on salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland.

They facilitate salon sustainability by recycling the un-recyclable. Any profits raised from the sale of all commodities get redistributed and recycled too by supporting charities and local communities, as well as aiding all salons on their own journey towards a greener future.

All the proceeds gained from recycling the salon’s metals such as foils, colour tubes, cans, etc will be donated to not for profit community based organisations that do a killer job helping humanity every day.

Below is a snapshot of what we have done to try and reduce our impact.


Our energy provider supplies us with 100% renewable energy.


We use energy efficient infrared heat panels throughout our space.


We use energy efficient LED lighting throughout our space.


We use energy efficient appliances where possible.


Our waste management company are certified carbon neutral and ensure that no waste ends up in landfill.

As we’re part of the Green Salon Collective, we can also recycle hair and used foil.


We have an inline water filter for our drinking water, this not only improves the taste and quality but also significantly minimises waste.


Our coffee beans are ethically sourced and supplied by our neighbours, Method Coffee Roasters.


We use Oway as their products contain cutting-edge organic ingredients whilst creating beautiful results. All product packaging is made of 100% recyclable glass and aluminium.


We offer refills for most Oway products to help reduce waste.


We use ‘Ecoheads’ on our backwashes to filter, clean and reduce water-consumption by up to 65%.


We use premium, biodegradable towels crafted from 100% natural wood fibres.

Toilet paper

We have carefully selected our toilet paper, kitchen roll and tissue supplier to ensure that we’re using the most sustainable products currently available.


We use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly whilst remaining effective. From laundry sheets for washing gowns to mineral disinfectant for our tools.

Local Suppliers

To support our local community and to reduce our carbon footprint, where possible, we use local suppliers.

Cycle storage

We have a cycle rack for anyone wanting to cycle to our hair space.