Hair Space

At Mosu we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of client experience: Our stylists are always allocated a generous amount of time for an in-depth consultation and we only use the very best in organic, sustainable and non-toxic products across your whole experience.

Our People

Jenna Husbands - Co-Founder of Mosu Hair Space Worcester

Jenna Husbands

Co-founder + Senior Stylist

Jenna is co-founder of Mosu and is an expert in short hair and male grooming. From textured cuts and skin fades, to clean shaves and facials, Jenna is an enthusiastic creative with a keen attention to detail.

“I have a profound passion for hair and I strive to make every client feel completely tranquil and at ease in my chair.

I specialise in short hairstyles and also have a deep love for providing facials and facial grooming.

I embrace traditional techniques whilst always infusing my own unique touch.”

Shelley Lewis - Hair Stylist at Mosu Hair Space Worcester

Shelley Lewis

Senior Stylist

Shelley specialises in delivering seamless colour, with a particular enthusiasm for blonde and balayage. She is passionate about developing new skills and keeping up to date with the latest techniques in order to create the best possible vision and empower her clients with confidence and positivity.

“My chair is your safe space and for me there is no better feeling than seeing a face light up with happiness from a new hair-do.

I’m a lover of lived-in colour and  making that blonde pop. Whether it’s glamour, quirky or simply natural, I’ve got you covered!

Come in and say hello, I would love to get to know you and your hair.”


As a gender-neutral hair space, all of our clients can expect the same high level of consideration and care at Mosu. We price our services honestly, reflecting the experience of our stylists and the amount of time required to perfect your hair length and style, not your gender.


Short scissor over comb / clippers
Short scissor over comb / clippers + wash

Cut + Blow Dry

Short above the ear
Medium + long
Restyle all lengths
Blow dry
Treatment + blow dry

Curly cut + finish



Haircut + facial hair + razor
Clean shave + facial


Highlights T-section
Highlights Half head
Highlights Full head
Highlights Full head - Long / thick hair
Babylights T-section
Babylights Half head
Babylights Full head
Face frame

Root tints

Root tint Under six weeks
Root tint Over six weeks
Roots to ends Short hair + Medium
Roots to ends Long hair
Hairline / parting
Roots + gloss
Root shadow


Roots to end
Roots Under six weeks
Roots Over six weeks


Root melt + gloss Short + medium
Root melt + gloss Long + thick
Maintenance toner


Full balayage Medium
Full balayage Long
Balayage refresh